3D TECH VISION project has been researched and cooperated since 2017. By 2019, 3D TECH VISION Company (3-Dimensional Vision Technology Co., Ltd.) was established. 3D TECH VISION has pioneered cooperation, research, and manufacture of surgical implant and support products. 3D technology in the medical industry has brought many great advances in medicine, for example, high accuracy helps doctors shorten surgery time, patients recover quickly.

& Mission

Become a leading company applying 3D technology in medicine in Vietnam. Foresight, 3D TECH VISION will reach out to the world, cooperate internationally to produce highly competitive 3D technology products in the medical field.

Bring a new quality of life to patients with 3D technology surgery. In addition, we wish to contribute to Innovation and Creation of research, design techniques and printing technology to produce new breakthrough products.

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The quality of our products and services is always a top concern and a core value in our business ethics.


  • Safe
  • Exactly
  • Improve


  • Reputation
  • Conscientious
  • Timely

From the very first days of establishment, we have built the process and obtained ISO 13485: 2016 certification for the quality management system of medical equipment production.


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